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Life's experiences reflect themselves in my sculpture. Energy, flowing from and around each form, guides the gift I present to you.

Each design begins and ends in abstract but blends with the representation. Flow and balance are my subject matter expressed through nature.

I encourage you to run your hands over my work to understand the feeling I have when I create a piece. I hope you share in the experience from my heart to yours.

- Pati Stajcar


JeffCo Stories



Jeffco Stories, a project of the Jefferson County Public Library, records interviews about Jefferson County, its people, history and environment.

Pati Stajcar was interviewed on December 10, 2012. She discussed her background as an artist and her life in Colorado.

To listen to the interview, please click on the following link:

Jeffco Stories 12/10/12 Oral Interview with Pati Stajcar

  Pati Stajcar Volunteering at The Wolf Sanctuary Education
Apprentice to Gerald Balciar
Jan. 1990 - Dec. 1991
Pati volunteering at The Wolf Sanctuary in Fort Collins, CO
with "Tunyan", a black wolf.



Born and raised in Southeastern Pennsylvania and now living in Golden, Colorado,
Pati Stajcar works in wood, bronze and marble creating sculpture for the tabletop,
college campus, garden or entryway.

She has received national recognition for her sculpture and regularly participates in exhibitions nationwide. She is an elected member of Academic Artists Association,
Allied Artists of America, the Bennington Collection, Hudson Valley Art Association, National Sculpture Society and Society of Animal Artists.

Permanent monumental placements include; Greeley Colorado Water Works, Jupiter Florida City Hall, Lenexa Kansas Police station, and Cypress Gardens in Winter Gardens Florida, just to name a few.

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